Hundreds of thousand development days. Millions of test kms.

At AMG development goes deeper than any numbers can express.

An AMG is not simply a Mercedes with more hp – it is a completely independent vehicle in its own right. In order to achieve this objective, AMG engineers are already present in the concept stage when the Mercedes-Benz development team begins to create a new model. This is essential to ensure that AMG high performance technology can be integrated in the vehicle and harmonized with its performance profile.

500 arguments in favour of a Mercedes-AMG.

Engineers start off by developing a basic vehicle set-up and then take care of the details in the subsequent stage: first of all chassis and axles, braking and damping systems, secondly the entire drivetrain including transmission and engine – and thirdly interventions in the bodyshell, such as increasing body rigidity.

Mercedes-AMG develops the future.

The result is a high-performance vehicle with over 500 AMG-specific parts. After exhaustive testing on test benches and on racetracks and roads across all climate zones it behaves exactly as defined at the outset. And with the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive Mercedes-Benz impressively demonstrates key technologies of the future: the most powerful electrically-powered vehicle in the world.