Mercedes-Benz Virtual Expo 2020

Ready for the thrill? Never before. 

Get ready to be part of the breakthrough from Mercedes-Benz Indonesia. The Mercedes-Benz Virtual Expo 2020 is the ultimate digital experience where you can explore the complete cars line-up and many other things. All at your fingertips now! 

  • Explore the latest product line-up
  • Special offers during the event
  • Mercedes-Benz Certified used cars
  • Mercedes-Benz Collection
  • Virtual test drive
  • Meet Mercedes Talks!
  • Enjoy The Sounds of Mercedes-Benz
Visit digitally and bring home your Mercedes-Benz!

Featured Cars

Special offers only on Mercedes-Benz Virtual Expo 2020
Visit the Mercedes-Benz Virtual Expo 2020 and get special offers that are only available during the event

A-Class Sedan
Installment starts from IDR 12,000,000/month

0% interest up to 3 years

0% interest up to 2 years

Mercedes Talks!

Meet our guest speakers

Let's talk about everything from lifestyle to cars.