Service & Maintenance

Safety has a home. 

Safety has a home.

For many decades, countless pioneering technical achievements have been making Mercedes-Benz vehicles the safest cars in the world.

As the developer of your Mercedes we know exactly what's needed to keep you safe. With lots of know-how, experience and high-quality Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, our Service ensures that you can rely on our components every single day. That's because safety has a home with Mercedes-Benz Service.


Safety and value retention for your Mercedes-Benz.
One of our most important safety systems is maintenance.

When performed regularly, it preserves the safety of your Mercedes, keeps you mobile and helps the vehicle retain its value. As its manufacturer, we know your Mercedes best. Our professionally trained service staff possess the necessary know-how and special tools required to perform first-rate maintenance. Possible wear and tear or probable damage can be identified at an early stage during this process. That means larger repairs and the resulting costs can be avoided.
You don't even need to think about regular appointments: the standard-fit service interval indicator in your Mercedes reminds you automatically of any upcoming maintenance sessions – as a pre-service to your service, so to speak.

Maintenance is available in two different packages: Service A and Service B. These two types of service are performed as alternating sessions.

Service A

On the safe side from the outset.

  • Oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Function check on: horn, headlamp flasher, hazard warning lights, turn indicators, control lamps, interior lighting, front and rear lighting, windscreen wipers and windscreen washer system
  • Service display reset in the instrument cluster (only for vehicles with ASSYST)
  • Fluid level check and top up where necessary: engine cooling system, anti-freeze/anti-corrosion additives, braking system, windscreen washer system, battery
  • Other: tire pressure correction, wear and tear, lubrication of retaining hooks and hinges of the bonnet, boot lighting check

Service B

The service including:

  • Oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Dust or combination filter replacement
  • Brake test
  • Function check on: horn, headlamp flasher, hazard warning lights, turn indicators, control lamps, interior lighting, front and rear lights, windscreen wipers, windscreen washer system, headlamp washer system, seat belts and seat belt buckles
  • Battery fluid level check and top up if necessary
  • Brake discs and brake pads check
  • Tires check for damage, pressure correction, and tread depth measurement
  • Check on all visible parts of the vehicle underside for leakages or damage
  • Check on: front axle joints, tie rods, steering column joints for tolerances, and check rubber gaiters
  • Poly-V-belt check on wear and damage
  • Check on all visible parts in the engine compartment for leaks and damage
  • Check and correction on fluid levels and determine the cause for any fluid loss: engine cooling system (anti-freeze, braking system, power steering, and windscreen washer system)
  • Check and lubrication of linkages in the engine control system, test for free movement and seating of the linkages
  • Lubrication of locks, retaining hooks and hinges of the bonnet
  • Headlamp range adjustment
  • Headlamp alignment (correcting alignment of xenon headlamps requires separate work order)
  • Windscreen wiper blades check and replacement if needed (invoiced separately)
  • Check on expiry date of TIREFIT tire sealant
  • Boot lighting check