Paintwork Care

Mercedes-Benz has achieved the highest standard of paint finish on our vehicles, providing greater luster and longer lasting protection than ever before. The finish on your Mercedes-Benz is extraordinarily durable, and to keep it stunning requires just a bit of regular care. Scratches, swirl marks, and common surface contaminants - including vehicle exhaust, insecticides, industrial pollutants, tree sap, bird and insect deposits, and ocean salt - can compromise your vehicle's finish and, if left untreated, make even vibrant colors look faded and dull.

Gleaming paint, clean wheels, and a refined interior.

A new Mercedes-Benz displays qualities that are hard to ignore. Our genuine car care products will help you maintain its world-class, well-kept appearance.

Mercedes-Benz genuine car care products are tested to ensure compatibility with the materials of your vehicle. Made from the finest ingredients, these products are effective, gentle and environmentally sound.

To preserve the look and feel of your interior or exterior through Indonesia‚Äôs changing seasons, be sure to select products designed specifically for your Mercedes-Benz.